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Hobart Biosciences is committed to providing pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis products to the patients who need them.  We have engaged some of the industry’s top genetic experts, epigeneticists, horticulturists, compounding pharmacists, legislators and the town of Hobart and have worked for over two years to create this reality. Hobart BioSciences will continue to sow resources into research and development, physician education, formulations and legislative action that is necessary to bring a natural option or supplement to the current treatments available in the physicians’ arsenal.


Most Americans are not aware that Cannabis can positively impact their health. For those of us who grew up in the reefer madness generation, the era of prohibition, the dogma of negativity prevailed.

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But with the emergence of the information age in regards to natural and alternative medicine, the non-hallucinogenic capabilities of the cannabis plant have been researched, vetted and validated. While other parts of the world have been benefiting from medicinal cannabis treatments for of thousands of years, medicinal cannabis is a new frontier for us.

The pioneers of this industry, whom were normally considered the outlaws, lead the way in the legalization and implementation of cannabis and deserve our gratitude for engaging in that grueling and ongoing movement.

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Our desire is to lead the way in offering an additional option to the medical marijuana programs in Oklahoma, around the country and even beyond our borders. Hobart Biosciences is proud to introduce a medicinal cannabis program that gives reliable treatment options to people currently suffering needlessly.

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If you’re a healthcare provider interested in medicinal cannabis as an alternative or supplement to traditional pharmacological treatments, you’ve come to the right place. 

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We firmly believe in extending our integrity. If you have a passion for medicinal cannabis and want to join our team, feel free to reach out to us and find your perfect spot in the Hobart Biosciences crew.

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