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About Hobart Biosciences

Hobart Biosciences is a medicinal cannabis cultivator offering high quality cannabis in Oklahoma . Since the legalization of medicinal cannabis in Oklahoma, our team has set out to grow and ns, inappropriate use, and inconsistent quality of strains available to consumers, dispensaries, and healthcare practitioners.Though medicinal cannabis is not a new development and has, in fact, been used for numerous medicinal and recreational purposes legally or otherwise, there is still too much confusion and too little education on the topic. Hobart Biosciences is therefore not only here to provide organic medicinal cannabis but also education to consumers, healthcare providers, and dispensaries.

Our Grow

Hobart Biosciences has a well-established, world-class facility where we grow, nurture, and distribute medicinal cannabis strains spanning various modalities.

The Hobart Biosciences Campus Building #1

At nearly 100,000 climate controlled indoor square feet, our facility allows us to cultivate Oklahoma’s rich agricultural elements while conducting the needed research to ensure all of our products offer the highest contents of organic and medicinal properties. To make absolutely sure that our medically-focused approach is successful, we’ve implemented all the advanced, state-ot-the-art equipment our facility requires. This way, we can deliver consistent, high-quality products.

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Hobart, Oklahoma – The Perfect Source for the Perfect Town

Hobart is a community in Kiowa County, Oklahoma that prides itself on its rich agriculture. What primarily started with wheat and cotton has now expanded to include a broad spectrum of different farming capabilities. Hobart is a peaceful, beautiful, and energetic community where taking care of one another is a big factor in the way people live.Because there are so many benefits to medicinal cannabis >, Hobart Biosciences wants to give back to Hobert and Oklahoma for legalizing medicinal use by providing organic medicinal cannabis> that offers true medicinal value.Find out more
We are a science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose to improve the quality of human life by helping people do more, feel better, live longer.

Sheldon Robinson

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Message from the founder

What we do

Every day, we help improve the health of millions of people around the world by discovering, developing and manufacturing innovative medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. We are building a stronger purpose and performance culture underpinned by our values and expectations - so that together we can deliver extraordinary impact for patients and consumers and make GSK a brilliant place to work. Our values are Patient focus, Transparency, Respect, Integrity. Our expectations are Courage, Accountability, Development, Teamwork.