Sheldon Robinson - Chairman & CEO

Mr. Robinson has over 35 years of business experience. He has conceptualized, capitalized and served as President, Chief Executive Officer or both for multiple companies with multimillion dollar annual revenues. His leadership has spanned staffing companies in the technology space to custom home builders and commercial construction companies, including over 20 years in nutritional and health companies. Robinson has earned leadership awards in several direct sales organizations where he built and led teams of thousands. Robinsons is also a dedicated historical and biblical autodidactic and teacher, where he has served in educating and ministering to others for over 20 years. He and his wife Summer have seven children and two grandchildren.

Paul Williams - Vice Chairman & CFO

Paul Williams has over 40 years of business experience, primarily in capital markets and mergers & acquisitions. Williams currently serves on the Board of Directors for five other companies including two that are publicly traded. Williams was appointed to three terms on the board of the Texas Economic Development Council in Austin. He was recognized as the CFO of the Year for North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal. Williams also served as the Chairman of the Board for the Frisco Chamber of Commerce, serving twelve years on their board and eight years on their Executive Committee. Williams graduated from Austin College in Sherman with a double major in economics and business administration. He also graduated from the Institute of Organization Management in Washington, D.C.

Middle aged Man standing in suit coat

Kevin Neilson - Board Member

Kevin Neilson is a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of business management experience. He has served as president/CEO of multiple companies that he helped to develop and grow from the ground floor to maturity. Kevin has been successful at providing extensive experience in strategic growth, optimizing business processes and operations. Kevin has worked in many different industries ranging from venture capital, mining projects, satellite technology and underground locating.

Kenneth John Bachman Jr - Board Member

Born and raised in Lawrence, Kansas, John Bachman has become one of Oklahoma’s most recognizable entrepreneurs. Beginning with his first 7-11 franchise in his 20’s, Bachman moved into healthcare and proceeded to build one of the largest audiologist companies in America. After 42 years, he sold the companies and retired to spend time with his wife, Sheri, his son and daughter and 5 grandkids. Ever the thrill-seeking opportunist, Bachman has built a world-class custom shop in Yukon dubbed the Iron Goat Garage.

Neil Conklin - Vice President of Infrastructure & Operations

Neil Conklin is a veteran of both privately-held and Global 500 organizations across the telecom, IT, supply chain, advertising, call center, enterprise, software, automotive and healthcare industries. Having owned and operated multiple companies, the integration of technology, protocols and people are his passion. Conklin was first investor in Hobart Biosciences before joining the onsite team in his current capacity. Conklin graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU) in 1995 and completed post-graduate certifications with both the Center for Creative Leadership and Duke University. He, his wife Carrie and five kids have recently moved to Oklahoma.

Man standing in grow room with suit

Dr. Tim Pettinger - Vice President of Corporate Development

Tim Pettinger has a wide array of successful experiences from organic farming to epigenetic studies, developing highly effective health protocols. His acumen for business and entrepreneurial drive has led to successful ventures in regional and national real estate investment companies. His business development clients have included Fed-Ex, UPS, Apple, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, IBM and Dell Computer as well as a position of CEO of a Nasdaq traded company. Presently he is passionate in areas of Precision Medicine and the effective use of cannabis with nutraceuticals to help patients.

Drew Foley - Director of Facilities & Environment

A native of Hobart, Drew brings a wealth of skill and creativity in facilities design and operations. Drew spent over 10 years in the electrics, construction and heavy equipment fleet management trades before overseeing operations for multi-million dollar processing facilities. His expertise in creating and maintaining health, safety and food service level production environments is unmatched. His experience with facility wiring design and power optimization for large scale wind farms and and multi- use developments are critical skills for HBI. He and his wife Syretta have 3 sons and 1 daughter. Drew holds certifications for HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) and SQF (safe quality food).

Adam Ogle - Director of Cultivation

With an array of professional experience in and out of the garden, Adam has worked with industry leading experts within award winning cultivation facilities, laboratories and dispensaries including time with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. All of this allowed him to work with and learn from some of the nation’s best and brightest cultivators, cannabis breeders and cannabis businessmen. Adam has received multiple awards and nominations as a cultivator and collaborator for his work in the garden as well as his genetics breeding program. Adam has had a hand in designing, building and operating top commercial cultivation facilities. When not working, he is spending with his kids, on the lake or enjoying the outdoors.

Brennen Coulter - Director of Business Development

Due to injuries sustained during his military service, Coulter was diagnosed with TBI and seizures and, after years of pharmaceutical treatment failures, moved to Colorado as a “cannabis refugee” seeking a deeper understanding of the healing properties of cannabis for his condition. While working in one of Colorado’s most prominent grows, Coulter found his calling as an advocate and zealot for medicinal cannabis. Returning to Oklahoma to own and operate a dispensary, he has carved out a reputation as one of Oklahoma’s most prominent advocates. Brennen is a proud father dedicated to the raising of his young daughter.